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Social Media is a key aspect to a personal branding campaign

Social media is a key element to any personal branding campaign by using various platforms from Linkedin to Facebook.

What Social Media does is allows you to build your own audience. It gives you a voice and a microphone and the opportunity to let YOU be heard.

You are an expert in your field offline but you need to you let the online world know that you’re an expert too. So you start a blog and write a number of articles but that is not enough, so what’s next?

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What Happens if Your Name is Searched on Google?

There are any number of reasons why someone may want to search for your name on Google, including;

  • Potential clients looking for more information
  • Potential employers trying to find out about you
  • Recruitment agencies making checks
  • Media outlets searching for background information on you

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How Bad Comments Online Can Damage Your Reputation

Online reputation management may not be a term you’ve heard of before, but taking control of your personal reputation in the online world is just as important as it is offline, not least because of the statistics below; (these statistics have been taken from a variety of different sources)

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10 Steps to Personal PR

If you’re new to the concept of personal PR and how it all works, we’ve compiled a handy 10 step guide to getting started below;

1.    Identify your objectives
A personal PR campaign without objectives will be doomed from the start so it’s worthwhile thinking about what you really want to achieve out of it and why those things are important to your business.

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What’s Your Personal PR Plan?

Personal PR is becoming more and more important in business today and when you want to build a personal brand, there are a number of different areas you can work on to raise your profile.

If you don’t already have a personal PR plan in place, we’ve explained some of the main things you should consider below. You may want to embrace all of these or maybe just one or two, it all depends on your personal PR objectives.

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Why Engage in Personal PR?

With more available outlets for news and media than ever before, personal PR has become a critical service for many high profile business people across the world who want to manage their reputations and media profiles online and offline.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to engage in personal PR including those detailed below;

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